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Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce - Happy birthday Adinutza!

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce - Happy birthday Adinutza!

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Put the gelatin to hydrate in a few tablespoons of cold water.

In a bowl, boil the milk together with the sugar. Bring to a boil, then remove from the heat of the stove and add the whipped cream and sour cream mixed with the vanilla sugar.

Homogenize, put the pot back on the fire and bring the mixture to the boil (do not boil!) Turn off the heat, add the gelatin and mix until completely diluted. Distribute in molds, leave to cool and refrigerate for two to three hours.

Remove from the molds by gently peeling off the walls of the molds with the tip of a knife and turning over on a saucer or it can be served directly from the molds. Serve with the sauce obtained by mixing strawberries with honey or sugar.

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce - Happy birthday Adinutza! - Recipes


Because always when Martisor arrives, I like to welcome spring with something special, I chose to prepare panna cotta - delicious!

For those who haven't tried it so far, I have one piece of advice - don't wait, you'll be sorry :) I only ate it for the first time now and I think I would eat it daily, especially since it's fast!

The original panna cotta recipe is a little different, but I adapted it and it turned out very good and so on :)

  • 300 ml sweet milk, 200 ml liquid cream (or sweet cream), 150 gr sugar, 2 sachets of gelatin (20 gr), 1 vanilla sugar, 1 banana, vanilla essence, strawberries.

I put the milk in a bowl and heated it (just hot not boiled). I added the sugar and stirred until it melted.

I also added the mashed banana in the blender.

I set the bowl aside and added the whipped cream, hydrated gelatin, essence and vanilla sugar.

I put it on the fire again, I homogenized it with a whisk and I left it until the composition was heated again (without boiling).

I moistened the silicone molds with cold water and put pudding in them.

I left it in the fridge for 3-4 hours before serving.

I served it with fruit and strawberry syrup.

With this recipe I participate in the Sweet Romania Challenge hosted this month by Cristina.

Vanilla mousse cake, strawberries and chocolate truffles

A gradient cake, which you can make in any color you want, depending on your preferences. At the end of the month we have a lot of celebrations, so it's a perfect cake. The interior is simple, but the combination of flavors and fluffy sponge cake make it a delicious cake for all tastes.

Top (20 cm): 5 eggs, 150 g sugar, 150 g flour, 1 pinch of salt, vanilla. Mix the eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt until they triple in volume and no more granules of sugar are felt. This takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the mixer. Add sifted flour in two slices, mixing carefully with a spatula. Pour the composition into a pan greased with butter and lined with flour and bake in the preheated oven for about 45 minutes at 170 degrees. Do not open the oven door under any circumstances. It is ready when it turns golden and comes off the edges. Let it cool in the oven, with the door ajar, then cut it into 3 sheets.

Vanilla mousse: 350 ml skim milk, 3 egg yolks, 30 g starch, 120 g sugar, 7 g gelatin, 30 ml cold water, 400 ml whipped cream, ½ vanilla pod

Heat the milk and sugar with the vanilla seeds. Mix the yolks with the starch, then put a little warm milk over it and mix well. Return the composition to the pan and simmer over low heat, stirring constantly until it thickens. Hydrate the gelatin in cold water, then dissolve it in the microwave for a few seconds and mix it in the vanilla cream. Cover with cling film and allow to cool completely. Mix the cooled cream a little and mix it with whipped cream.

Strawberry sauce: 300 g frozen strawberries, 150 g sugar, 50 ml water, 5 g gelatin, 20 ml cold water. We hydrate the gelatin in cold water. Boil a thick sauce, then add dissolved gelatin. Let cool completely.

For chocolate truffles: 150 g dark chocolate, 150 ml liquid cream. Heat the whipped cream, then pour hot cream over the finely chopped chocolate. Leave for 5 minutes, then mix and leave to cool for a few hours in the refrigerator. Form truffles and freeze them or put them directly from the teaspoon.

To dress the cake: 250 g mascarpone, 250 ml whipped cream, 120 g powdered sugar. Mix everything together until you get a strong cream.On a plate place the first sheet of countertop, syrup it with a syrup of water, sugar and vanilla, put 2 tablespoons of strawberry sauce, then vanilla cream and place a few truffles, cover with a thin layer of cream and put the other sheet of countertop, cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate truffles, countertop and a thin layer of cream on top.

Leave it in the fridge for a few hours, then take it out of the form, dress it in a little white cream, then with the help of a posh in which we have the pink, pale pink and white cream, we sprinkle it on the edge of the cake so as to obtain the gradient effect. Level with a spatula.Optionally melt white chocolate with liquid cream (equal parts) and coloring and pour cooled icing on top. We decorate with meringues, macarons, oreo biscuits and whatever else comes to mind.

Strawberry cake Fraisier French recipe

Strawberry cake Fraisier French recipe. The strawberry cake composed of pandispan, vanilla cream with butter and marzipan decoration is a classic of French confectioneries, over 200 years old. The traditional shape is square (to emphasize the geometric alignment of the strawberries) but in the last 50 years the circular shape has been used.

In both cases, the strawberries are lined up on a pandispan cake top with vanilla, exposing halves of the strawberry to the view. Do not imagine that this was invented in our country! In the strawberry season you can find Fraisier in any French confectionery. I ate it with pleasure by everyone if when I had the opportunity to be in France spring-summer. One more thing! The original is full of strawberries and inside! As it should be a strawberry shortcake. Of course, it is more convenient to prepare it in high season, when the price of strawberries is affordable. However, in winter there is no point in making cakes like this because the & # 8222 imported & # 8221 strawberries have neither the taste nor the aroma of the local, Romanian ones.

In our house, a strawberry cake, vanilla cream mixed with butter and pandispan top has been made in our house for about 80 years. Strawberries are cut into slices or quarters and sometimes covered with jelly. I think a lot of people make this cake light and fragrant but they didn't know it originated in Fraisier! Diana has a similar recipe here.

The traditional components of a strawberry Fraisier cake (pronounced & # 8222frezie & # 8221 with emphasis on the last syllable, ie on the last & # 8222e & # 8221) are: vanilla pandispan tops (recipe here), vanilla cream (recipe here) mixed with foamed butter (mousseline cream) and a few drops of Kirsch (cherry brandy), strawberries and the marzipan sheet that covers it. Marzipan is a real preparation made from almonds and sugar (66% almonds). It has a specific texture and a distinct almond aroma & # 8211 both characteristics being indispensable in this recipe. Marzipan is NOT a sugar paste and cannot be replaced either with white chocolate or other improvisations. That will no longer be a Fraisier cake!

The name of this cake comes from strawberry (fraise in lb. fr) and & # 8222fraisier & # 8221 is called the strawberry plant. The French (like the English speakers) do not differentiate between & # 8222tort & # 8221 and & # 8222prajitura & # 8221 & # 8211 they are also called: gateau or cake. I read an interesting article about this cake-cake & # 8211 here.

I was guided by the recipe of the famous Chef Patissier Eric Lanlard. His recipe is for a larger shape, 22 cm.

I adapted his recipe to a circular shape 18 cm in diameter and I got a cake of approx. 1,100 kg.

Simona's World

For your birthday mommy
I brought your heart as a gift
and believe me, mommy,
A more beautiful gift could not be.

I wanted to pick a flower for you,
A nice little snowdrop,
But in the end he dies
And who is it useful for?

I wanted to collect stars for you,
To make you a beautiful necklace,
But who doesn't know
That at dawn the stars perish?

I wanted to pick you up a ray
In the sun, to catch your hair,
But you shine brighter
Of love and longing

Happy Birthday to all mothers, women and ladies! :)


Simo, you moved me so much! that's how I sing to my bad mother :)
I kiss you and wish you a beautiful day like you! & gt: D & lt

Happy birthday, and a beautiful spring!

Happy birthday, dear Simo! I wish you a spring of hope and much, much love!
I kiss you and hug you!

Hi Simona. I invite you to a cooking contest for friends, inspired by the recipes from the & # 3920 years of Elizabeth Gilbert's great-grandmother, Margaret Yardley Potter and the "Cookbook, Hospitality and Wonderful Stories". You can find more details on my blog

Have a nice spring :)

@Cristina, I kiss you dearly
@Laura, I think we all sing .. :) Memories. Kisses beautiful girl
@Alina, happy birthday.
@Milica, happy birthday to you too! Kiss
@Alina, thank you very much !! I send you the same good thoughts !! Kiss with pleasure
@Brandusa, thanks for the invitation! Now I come to see what it's about! Many kisses

-2 tablespoons vanilla sugar or essence

-200 g sour cream or fatty yogurt

Place the dough in the form, prick it with a fork (so that it does not swell when baked).

Apples and pears peeled are cut into slices, with or without peel (I leave the peel of the fruit, because I like it) and sprinkle with lemon juice. Place the fruit in the pan, over the dough, in whatever shape you want (they can be grated, diced or sliced).

Sprinkle with sugar and a little cinnamon.

Put in the oven, over medium heat, about 170-180 degrees. Check the tart after 25 minutes and if the apples are ripe, pour the sauce over them.

The sauce is made by mixing egg, melted butter, sugar and sour cream. Pour over the tart to cover evenly and leave in the oven for another 10-15 minutes, until the sauce thickens.

Careful. - The sauce should not brown, it should just be bound.

Remove the tart, leave to cool, then portion. It can be served with whipped cream or ice cream, it can be powdered with powdered sugar, but I prefer it as it is. The problem is that for me it is not very likely to catch a cold, it is eaten immediately. And because I like this tart cold, I hide a slice so I can eat cold. & # 128578 My hiding place is very secret, don't tell anyone: in the microwave. That place is a bit haunted, because what I hide disappears quite often. & # 128539

How do we make the perfect dough for choux a la creme?

Very simple! We will sing eggs. The only thing that can ruin our recipe would be to put too many eggs in the dough and it will be too soft. A soft dough will stretch during baking, and the choux will come out flat and ungrown. The idea is to have 250g of eggs, that is about 5 eggs on average. Always check consistency. It must be exactly the consistency of the clip, ie a shiny and fine dough, but which should not fall easily from the spoon. Honestly, it's better to have a slightly thicker dough than a flowing one. From my point of view, this is the only more complicated step.

For vanilla cream, we have simplified the technique as much as possible, so that it will be as easy as possible for you to prepare it. The most important thing is to stir continuously until the cream thickens and starts to boil. The whipped cream I used is sweetened and vanilla natural cream from LaDorna. It is whipped cream that I have been using for many years and that I like because it is natural and tastes good. Also to simplify the recipe, I used the already sweetened and vanilla. However, LaDorna also has unsweetened whipped cream in which you have to add powdered sugar and vanilla when you beat it. Isn't that hard? Come on, what are you waiting for ?! Do you make a portion of choux a la creme?

Vanilla panna cotta with strawberry sauce - Happy birthday Adinutza! - Recipes

  • 500 g liquid cream
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 120 g dark chocolate
  • 10 g gelatin
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • a vanilla pod

  • 500 g of fresh cream
  • 100 ml of milk
  • 120 g of dark chocolate
  • 10 g of jelly
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • a vanilla pod


We also like it a lot, but we never tried it with chocolate. We usually serve it with more liquid chocolate sauce like this or in glasses with panna cotta underneath and cioco cream on top (tiramisu type cream).
Your version is very beautiful, the shape is wonderful!

Thanks, Any! And my baby, on her portions, put caramel cream sauce, although I would have liked to put a word of whipped cream, but it spoils the shape of the popcorn. Many kisses !

A very easy dessert to make.
A delicious cream can be served in very many kinds,
forms, with many kinds of jams and fresh fruits.
I was inspired by here

Ingredients for 4 servings:

- 500 ml of liquid cream
- 100ml milk
- 100gr of sugar
- 10 gr gelatin

- 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
- rum essence.


I liked the last ingredient! . the secret of every chef .. Wonderful dessert! I adore him

Yes Alice, the strawberries have come and I have started to make all kinds of goodies, I will post more.

An excellent dessert. I'm looking forward to the other strawberry recipes.

Ah, I can't take the silhouette into account anymore. You tempt me with this delight.


I'm going shopping in Cora. About how much love to buy :))? A box of 200 gr is enough. Kisses!

Carmen, unfortunately she is not at Cora. ​​Thank you!

and I believe that love is the basic ingredient. and not only in cakes or food. but still alive. without it nothing would make sense. super recipe. super soul. super kisses from mineee !!