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Potato pancakes recipe video

Potato pancakes recipe video

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Recipe Potato pancakes recipe video of 11-08-2015 [Updated on 06-03-2017]

Potato fritters are very tasty fries that everyone really likes!


How to make potato pancakes

It is one of those recipes that will certainly allow you to "hit the mark" with your guests! In fact, it is impossible not to succumb to the greedy temptation given by a soft hot pancake with a strong flavor at the same time.

In this video recipe I show you how to prepare these pancakes, which moreover are prepared in half an hour, step by step, then of course, you can also customize them according to your personal taste, using different fillings! By the way ..... good pancake party!

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Video: Potato Pancakes - Placki Ziemniaczane - Anias Polish Food Recipe #1 (December 2022).