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Non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail

Non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail

Strawberry Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe of 25-07-2018 [Updated on 02-10-2018]

The non-alcoholic cocktail with strawberries that I show you today is a fresh, tasty and super mega quick drink to prepare at home. Both adults and children like it and to make it they only need a mixer and just three ingredients: strawberries, raspberries and a very fresh Schweppes! If you have some nice glasses you can use them to serve this non-alcoholic drink to friends who will join you on these hot days, it will be a success!

  • Doses for 2 glasses :


How to make the non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail

Remove the strawberry stalks and wash them together with the raspberries.
Put both in a blender and blend.

Then obtain a homogeneous pulp and divide it in glasses passing it through the meshes of a sieve to eliminate the seeds.
Finally add the Schweppes and mix.

Your non-alcoholic strawberry cocktail is ready to serve.

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