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Monkey bread

Monkey bread

Monkey bread recipe by of 25-09-2014 [Updated on 25-09-2014]

The monkey bread is an American dessert widely used for breakfast, it has always intrigued me both for the shape and for the name and I finally managed to make it. These are small balls of brioche dough sprinkled with a sauce made with butter, sugar, raisins and cinnamon, the name of this delicious dessert seems to derive from the similarity of its shape with the fruit of the Monkey Puzzle tree. There are numerous versions of monkey bread and variations, I chose this one that seemed to me to be the best and in fact it literally won me over. Today I have a day that is a bit different than usual, I am at the first seocamp made in Naples by my husband's company, a day entirely dedicated to SEO with professionals in the sector and aspiring ones, it is always nice to participate in these events and see being still tied to the old work environments, it will seem absurd to you but I find myself more at ease in this context than if I were at a cooking conference. Coffee break finished, I leave you to the recipe and I go to follow the second intervention, see you later;)


How to make monkey bread

Put the butter, sugar and milk in a saucepan and heat it up

Put the flour in a bowl, make a hole in the center and pour in the water with the yeast and honey dissolved inside

Mix then add the mixture of butter and warmed milk and start working

Add the egg and a pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients for a long time until the dough is strung, at the beginning it will be soft, then it will gradually take on consistency. If necessary, add more (LITTLE) flour to dry.

Form a ball and let it rise for about 2 hours.

Meanwhile Prepare the sauce:
Melt the butter, then add the brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins and mix well.

Once the dough has risen, form many balls weighing about 30-35 grams each.

Dip each ball into the sauce

and arrange them on a donut mold on two layers.

Leave to rise for another two hours

Sprinkle the monkey bread with the remaining sauce and bake

Cook at 180 for 30 minutes.

Allow to cool and serve the monkey bread

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