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Gin tonic

Gin tonic

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The gin and tonic is a long drink based on gin and tonic wateras well as one of my favorite summer cocktails. It is a very old recipe, born in 1700 in India but by the English soldiers. At the time the soldiers were in fact entitled to a dose of gin which they used, together with water and ice, to make the quinine with which malaria was fought less bitter.
Over time, simple water was then replaced with tonic water and the result is what many of us know today! When preparing a gin and tonic the choice of the glass (a simple highball) and the gin is very important, in fact the latter could totally change the flavor of our drink. Speaking of gin, I would like to recommend especially those of Iberian origin that seem made especially for this recipe! If you want to organize an aperitif at home, put this on the list of cocktails to make too, it's very simple: P.


How to make gin and tonic

Put ice in the glasses.
Add the gin first and then the tonic water, slowly, then mix.

Cut a slice of lemon into two parts and put one per glass.

Your gin and tonic is ready.

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