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Homemade vanilla extract

Homemade vanilla extract

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Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe of of 12-10-2014 [Updated on 12-10-2014]

Preparing vanilla extract at home was an idea that had been in my head for a while, for years now I have abandoned vanillin in favor of fresh vanilla or vanilla essence in vials and the idea of ​​preparing myself. essence of vanilla was a natural consequence. Reading on the internet I found various methods to prepare vanilla extract, cold and hot, with pure alcohol or with absolute vodka, after I got some excellent vanilla beans, I did a little consultation with a friend of mine and chosen the method to use, I pass you the recipe that I followed even if only a month has passed and I am still anxiously waiting for the tasting. As an alternative to this recipe you can use the dose of 100 ml of absolute vodka and 8 vanilla beans, thus eliminating the passage of the water and sugar syrup and placing the 2 ingredients directly in the jar, always taking care to first extract the seeds from the pod. :) girls wish you a sweet Sunday, kisses


How to make vanilla extract

Put the sugar and water in a saucepan and cook until you get a syrup

Let it cool completely and add the alcohol

Open the pods in half with a sharp knife and scrape the inside with the dull part of the blade:

you will get a wet black powder, then cut the empty pods into small pieces.

Transfer the vanilla to an airtight container

Pour the alcohol into the jar and add the shredded vanilla pods to the jar and seal tightly.

Place the vanilla extract in the pantry for at least 3 months before using it by shaking the jar once a day for the first 15 days and then once a week.

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