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Mandarine marmalade

Mandarine marmalade

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Recipe Mandarin marmalade of of 09-12-2016 [Updated 09-12-2016]

Mandarin marmalade, with its fabulous citrus scent, is certainly much appreciated by true connoisseurs of jams! Of course, eliminating all the seeds from each fruit is a bit of a bore and takes some time, but in the end it is definitely rewarded by an excellent preserve.
Spread on rusks, bread or used to stuff soft croissants, with this recipe you will be able to prepare 5 jars that you can give or keep all for yourself.
For the preparation of the Mandarine marmalade you will have to use chemically untreated fruits as they are used entirely with the whole peel. In fact, the mandarins are first blanched and then blended in their entirety (seeds apart) and cooked with the sole addition of sugar. If you like the slightly sour taste of citrus fruits, well this recipe is definitely worth trying;)


How to make tangerine jam

Remove the mandarin stalk and wash them by brushing them well under running water.
Fill a large pot with water and when it starts to boil, transfer the tangerines to it.

Boil over low heat for 30 minutes, then drain and let them cool.
Then cut them in four and remove the seeds inside.

Put the mandarins back in the pot and blend them, with all the peel, using a mixer.

Add the sugar, mix and cook for about 40 minutes.

Always do the saucer test to test the density of the jam.
Once ready, immediately transfer to pre-sterilized jars (click here to see how to sterilize them).
Close the jars and turn them upside down.

Leave them this way until they are completely cooled.

Your tangerine jam is ready to be stored in the pantry.

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