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Apple heart video recipe

Apple heart video recipe

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Recipe Apple heart recipe video by Flavia Imperatore of 16-10-2015 [Updated on 05-12-2015]

In this video recipe I show you how to prepare the apple hearts, the delicious biscuits from mulino bianco, which I reproduce at home!
These biscuits as well as stimulate my palate, they also do it with memories, as these delicious biscuits, with a crunchy shortcrust shell and soft apple filling, remind me of the first times together with my love that went away and goes crazy .
If you also want to try making them at home, you just have to watch the video and follow the recipe step by step ... You will not regret it!
With this recipe I also participate in the promotion for the fundraising called "Apples for Peace" of the Shalom Movement. This year the tells funds is intended for the creation of scholarships for a university in Burkina Faso, at this address you will find all the info to support the project too :)


How to make Apple heart video recipe

Procedure for preparing the apple hearts

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