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Beach Cake

Beach Cake

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prepare the pandispan top as follows:

Mix the yolks well with the sugar, cocoa and soft margarine rubbed the foam before.

Add the beaten egg whites.

Add flour in the rain and mix carefully from bottom to top, from the center to the outside.

grease and line a rectangular tray with flour and pour the composition carefully to fill the tray evenly.

put it in the hot oven and let it bake for about 30 minutes.

we do not suddenly remove the tray but let it cool a little with the oven door ajar.

we cut the top in half and when it has cooled well, we syrup it.

Prepare the burnt sugar cream according to the instructions on the box.

Fill the top with cream, then pour melted white chocolate on a bain marie in which I dripped the vanilla essence and added 1 teaspoon of margarine.

Then sprinkle white and dark chocolate flakes over this milky icing.

after it has cooled well, cut it into cubes and decorate it with a shell, snail or chocolate starfish.

The sheets are very easy to prepare. Mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt until they start to take on consistency, then add the sugar gradually, continuing to mix until you get a strong and glossy meringue.

Incorporate the finely ground walnuts, mixing gently with a spatula from top to bottom. At the end we also include sifted flour.

Divide the composition into three equal parts to bake three sheets.

Spread each part on a baking sheet in a tray of 22 & # 21532 cm and bake for 15 minutes at 180 ° C until it begins to brown slightly on the edges.

After baking the sheets, let them cool and take care of the cream. Mix the yolks very well with the sugar, then put the bowl in the steam bath. The fire under the pot of boiling water should be kept low when it started to boil, and the one with the yolks should not touch the boiling water.

We cook the yolks until they start to take on consistency and we take care to stir constantly so that they don't stick. If you have a thermometer that is perfect, when the temperature has reached 60 ° C-65 ° C, take the dish off the heat and immerse it in one with cold water (possibly add some ice cubes). That's how we have the yolks scalded correct.

We mix the soft butter with the vanilla foam in a bowl, then, after the yolks have cooled completely, we incorporate them into the butter.

Now we can make krantz.

Melt the sugar in a bowl with a thicker bottom and, when it has acquired an amber color, add the large chopped walnuts. Stir and then pour over a baking sheet or a stainless steel surface and leave to cool.

Then we grind or crush them with a rolling pin, depending on how you like the crunchy.

Finally, we can assemble the cake. Divide the cream into 3 parts. I left two equal parts and a smaller one for the top, it is enough to stick the caramelized nuts.

Grease the first sheet with a part of the cream, place the second sheet, cream and the last sheet on which we spread the smaller part of the cream and sprinkle the krantz.

Put the cake in the fridge for 1-2 hours, then cut it into the desired shape and you can enjoy it. Good appetite !

A similar and equally good cake & gt & gt & gt

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3 cocktail recipes

God, ladies, moms and Gospo-Dive, we have prepared a moment of pampering for you. Okay, 3 moments of pampering, because I prepared you 3 cocktail recipes! And not just any cocktails, but "good and sweet ones", "ladies", how come!

Every year, since March 8, we have prepared desserts or quick and very simple recipe ideas that gentlemen can make for you. But this year I thought of something else: let's do it together 3 cocktail recipes, which, let's say the right one, WE DESERVE.

In the evening, after the children sleep, after a long day and many tasks only known mothers, it's OUR time. A cocktail with holiday flavor, a good book or a syrupy series, a good cocktail to share with your best friend or the little man dear to our soul.

How did I proceed? Very simple: I went to eMAG and searched the section alcoholic beverages. Surprise: they had it all! And #DomnulDon's favorite wine and my mother's favorite prosecco, but also what I needed for the 3 cocktail recipes: Rom Havana Club and ABSOLUTE vodka.I ordered them in a minute and the next day I picked them up from the easybox next to the block. Simpler, I don't think so!

But who inspired me in my adventure of gifting you on March 8 with 3 cocktail recipes? Alex, the nice alconnaisseur, who knows everything (or almost, or I'll let you find out) about the various types of drinks. From Martisor, Alex decided to do something special, to be a real mixologist, who prepares cocktails to impress his girlfriend. Whether they came out or not… I invite you to find out in the episode "Tasty as a cocktail", from Alconnaisseur!

What I can tell you for sure is that I even HAD 3 recipes for cocktail de-li-cioa! Everyone prepared with the thought of a holiday, because a holiday would be the most beautiful gift of March 8 for me!

Staycation - a cocktail inspired by home holidaysâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

Because that means "staycation" - stay + vacation, meaning a vacation spent at home, locally, in your city or area. As there is no departure too soon, I called this holiday-flavored cocktail "Staycation"!

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 250 ml orange juice
  • 250 ml pineapple juice
  • 80 ml ABSOLUTE vodka
  • 80 ml rom Havana Club
  • Mint
  • Maraschino cherries in syrup
  • strawberries
  • pieces of pineapple

Mix pineapple juice and orange juice, vodka and rum. We fill the glass with ice, we pour the cocktail. Decorate with fruit and mint. It went perfectly and a little shock syrup!

Apple-Maple - a cocktail inspired by capricious weatherâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

That's how Martisor is… one day with 15 degrees, one with 3. But hey! If the evenings are still cold, we heat them with a cocktail with winter flavor, but still as fresh as a spring day!

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 120 ml rom Havana Club
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 250 ml apple juice
  • 500 ml of ginger beer
  • 1 apple cut into thin slices

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker. Pour into a glass of ice, decorate with thinly sliced ​​apple slices, using a mandolin.

Salty Dog - a day-inspired cocktail at the beachâ & # x20AC; & # x2122;

Okay, I admit, I went too far with the thought of vacation. There's more to beach time, but a Gospo-Diva has the right to dream, right? Is that the kind of cocktail you serve ice-cold, and the salt on the edge of the glass? Like a kiss with salty lips from the sea water. Offfff, is there much more until summer?

Ingredients for 2 servings:

  • 300 ml pink grapefruit juice
  • 60 ml ABSOLUTE vodka
  • 300 ml carbonated lemon juice (Sprite / 7Up)
  • pieces of grapefruit
  • salt

We pass the pieces of graft over the edge of the glass. We add salt to make a necklace around the glass. Set aside for 5 minutes. We fill the glass with ice. Mix the juices and vodka in the shaker. Pour into the glass over the ice.

I sincerely hope that I enjoyed the 3 cocktail recipes and you try them too, I promise it's worth it. And that comes from me, who generally don't drink any alcohol. But to such delicacies? I couldn't resist!

Don't forget that eMAG find everything you need for any type of cocktail and, in general, just about any type of alcoholic beverage. May you be the best!

What sweets do you give her at the beach?

On vacation, on the beach or at the beach, the little ones are tempted to eat all kinds of sweets they see in other children, donuts or ice cream, caramelized apples on a stick or lollipops. It's hard to refuse them, but if you make them their favorite sweets from home, made from natural and healthy ingredients, you might be able to convince them. Take with you some homemade dry cakes for your sweet afternoon snack or quality biscuits.

Karanja beach cream

Method of preparation:
In a bowl or mortar, thoroughly homogenize the ingredients of phase C, crushing the grits as well as possible.

In a heat-resistant glass, add the ingredients of phase A, in addition to the marigold extract. In another beaker add the ingredients of phase B.
Both glasses are placed on the water bath, stirring each from time to time.

When both phases have reached a temperature of 75 ° C they withdraw from the heat.
In phase A, add the marigold extract, mix well, then gradually sprinkle the contents of phase C, with mixing, until completely dispersed.

Using a phase B pipette, add little by little over phase A, with continuous mixing. Then mix for 3 minutes.
Place the beaker in a bowl of cold water to accelerate cooling, continuing to mix for 3-4 minutes. If the mixer no longer copes due to the thickening of the composition, the homogenization is continued manually, energetically.

After the composition has reached hand temperature, add the preservative from phase D and mix very well. Leave to stand until completely cooled, then transfer to a dedicated container.
The consistency of the cream will be finalized the next day.

The result is a beach cream with medium to high sun protection, with good water resistance. It can be applied on the skin and body alike, it is suitable for adults and children older than 3 years. It is applied in a generous layer on the skin, it is very well distributed and the application is repeated every 2 hours during sun exposure, after getting out of the water or in case of excessive sweating.
The active substances are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide - as mineral filters (non-nano) that reflect the sun's rays, karanja oil recognized for its ability to absorb some of the UV radiation, sea buckthorn oil, marigold and rosemary extract - strong antioxidants, anti-radicals.

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