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French fries

French fries

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Wash the potatoes well and bring to a boil. When the water started to boil, add 1 lg of salt. After boiling, leave to cool and clean.

Cut the butter into thin slices and sprinkle in the pan. Cut the potatoes into rounds and place them in the tray in a layer of 2 rows. We do the same with cleaned eggs, cut them into rounds and put them over the potatoes. Add salt, then grate the cheese and put the cream from place to place, eventually add some butter and salt again. The operation is repeated, and a row of potatoes is placed on top. Grate the house on top, put the sour cream and a few slices of butter and put it in the oven.

When it starts to take on color, take it out of the oven and pour over the two beaten eggs well with 3-4 lg of sour cream and a little milk. The hut cut into pieces and notched at the ends is placed on top from place to place and put back in the oven until nicely browned. Serve hot.

Good appetite!!!