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Pork chop with beet jelly served festively

Pork chop with beet jelly served festively

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We make a meat marinade as follows:

  • 1 chopped jullien onion

  • 1 sliced ​​carrot

  • ½ cup of red wine

  • thyme

  • salt, pepper and oil

It is left for about two hours. We will put the red beets in the pan for about two hours, if after the time it is not ripe (try with a fork) that is soft, the baking will continue. After the time expires (for the marinade), remove the meat and the chop will be arranged, ie we will not leave meat on the chop bone as in the next picture. After the meat has been arranged (salted, peppered and with a thyme powder) we will soak it in butter and oil in the pan for two minutes on each side and then we will put it in the oven for 20-25 minutes on the right heat. We will arrange a bed of potatoes and add the chops over. We check if the chops and potatoes are made and if at the end of the time they are made, they are removed, covered with foil and left to wait.

The beets are cooked, we will peel them and cut them into suitable cubes, we clean the horseradish and grate it on the small grater, we divide the amount of beets in two, from the first we will make a red beet puree with horseradish and a little liquid cream. On the other side we will make a beet jelly and a dressing based on beets.

Puree: Put in a blender beets, horseradish, liquid cream, salt and pepper it must be very fine cream.

Jelly: Put 80% of the other part of the beets in the blender and add ½ cup of boiling water little by little (if necessary add more), blend well at the same time put on the fire in one or two tablespoons of cold water a sachet of gelatin, let it soften and then put it on the fire for a few seconds without boiling, then take it and add it to our jelly. Prepare a metal tray of suitable size, add over the plastic wrap and put our jelly in a medium to narrow layer, spread well and level to have the same size everywhere (be careful the jelly should NOT be watery), then give in the fridge, waiting for it to harden.


From the remaining 20% ​​of the beets, make a dressing as follows, blend the rest of the beets and add the rest of the ½ cup of red wine, drizzle a little oil and salt.

At the same time we put the beans (a kind of beans) to boil, and after they are cooked not broken, they will be pulled in butter.

Check if the jelly is done, if it is done, cut some suitable cubes and arrange the plate as in the pictures. We also arrange the puree with the help of a metal circle, we add the potatoes over which we can add parmesan (optional) and we put the dressing.

It seems like a lot of work but the final product delights in: quality, taste and refinement, I hope you like it.

Good appetite.

Pork chop with beet jelly served in a festive way - Recipes

2 whole pork muscles (approx. 1 kg of meat),
salt and pepper to taste,
1 tablespoon oil,
3/4 cup chicken soup (or water with a cube Knorr chicken),
1/4 can of sour cream,
2 tablespoons horseradish prepared hot,
2 tablespoons mustard Dijon,
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (hot pepper mixture spice) (I only put 1/4 teaspoon spice, not too hot for children)
2 tablespoons cold butter,
2 teaspoons fresh leaves of chives (or green onion leaves), finely chopped (I had dried leaves of chives).

Method of preparation:
Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius (moderate heat). Season the meat with salt and pepper and put it whole in a large pan, on the fire, in hot oil (Attention, sprinkle salt !!). Let it brown a little, 3-4 minutes on both sides. Place the meat in a greased pan and put it in the oven for 25-30 minutes (I turned it on the other side, after 15 minutes), so that it browns slightly, but remains light pink in middle. It is important that the muscle is fresh, otherwise let it penetrate more. Take the meat out on a plate and cover it.
Prepare sauce thus: drain the excess oil from the pan in which the meat was fried and pour the chicken soup (or water with concentrated chicken cube). Bring to a boil, add sour cream, horseradish, and mustard cayenne pepper. Leave on the fire until it drops a little and thickens, about 3-4 minutes. Turn off the heat and add the cold butter. Stir until the butter melts, then sprinkle with leaves chives.

Flavor in dishes

300 g 000 flour
70 g manitoba flour
3 eggs
300 g boiled and peeled potatoes
7 g dry yeast or 20 grams of fresh yeast
30 g sugar
90 g soft butter
1 tablespoon rum / vodka / brandy helps with fermentation
the peel of a lemon
3 g salt

-for icing:
100g dark chocolate 20g butter

Method of preparation:
Boil the potatoes and peel them until the fork enters them. When they are cooked, peel them and crush them. If you use the food processor, be careful not to blend them too much or they will become gummy, viscous. Leave the potatoes to cool.

During kneading, add one egg at a time, knead until it is absorbed, then add the second one. I shook my hand.

Before adding the third egg, notice the dough. If it's too hard, add the egg. If it is too soft, do not add the third egg. Knead until you get a homogeneous and elastic dough.
Add the butter, little by little. Knead until you get a suitable, slightly sticky dough (from potatoes).

When it is ready, turn it over on the well-kneaded table and make 2-3 folds, then leaven it until it doubles in volume.

Turn the dough over on the table, then flatten it, trying to make it the same thickness. Then cut out the donuts. Put the cut donuts on a well-floured tray and leaven again until it doubles in volume.

After frying each donut, put them on paper towels, leave them for 2 minutes then roll them in sugar or serve them with jam. After they have cooled, they can be decorated with melted chocolate on a steam bath. We served a part with jam, and the remaining ones, we glazed and decorated with candies.

Pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs

Pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs & # 8211 means meatballs pasta. A less common dish in our country but very tasty. An idea of recycle of the meatballs left over from the previous day (instead of the eternal marinated meatballs). If I still did meatballs (recipe here), I kept half of the composition for these pastas. In general, long pasta like spaghetti or linguine is used, but it doesn't matter if you use the pasta you have at hand, be it short. They also reach the belly.

Italians are very strict in combining sauces with certain types of pasta. Let them be there. Well, there are categories of tubular pasta that are suitable for more fluid sauces to penetrate them. I talked about this in the recipe for macaroni and cheese.

And as I said, I kept the composition of the meatballs especially for this kind. The meatball recipe can be found here and you can adapt it to your liking.

Tip: if you want to shorten the recipe you can use the composition of sausages you bought or fresh homemade sausages (recipe here), as I used to pasta alla carbonara (after Jamie Oliver).

This recipe can be made very quickly if we already have it tomato sauce prepared (and stored in the refrigerator).

What bread do we use for an appetizer cake?

The bread with which the appetizer cake is made is good to be baked, not for toast. The sliced ​​bread for toast is baked only in half or 3/4, it will be finished in the toaster. That is why it is extremely humid. Besides the fact that it will get terribly wet from the fillings and will form a cliché (sticky) layer, it is also indigestible! So we don't choose toast for an appetizer cake! Either buy large round loaves from which you cut (with difficulty) 4 sheets 1.5-2 cm thick, or make the cake in a rectangular shape and buy brick bread. In both cases the bread is peeled.

Of course, I chose to bake my layers of bread at home, which I recommend to you. You can make them 1-2 days before and they will only soften well after assembling the cake with the related creams. I chose to bake 4 sheets of bread from a dough very dear to me, the one for Turkish pita for kebap (recipe here). I multiplied by 1.2 x its ingredients.

From this fine and soft dough I also made the buns of a crazy sandwich (Cris Adriatico) with which I won a prize at a competition between bloggers, held in Bucharest. You can find the recipe here.

In order to obtain equal sheets for this appetizer cake, I decided to bake 4 layers as large as the tray (30 x 40 cm) from which to cut with a circle the 4 sheets of 24 cm diameter. It is difficult to make 4 perfectly round dough discs by hand with equal thickness. Maybe if you have 4 identical pizza trays.

From the ingredients below it resulted an appetizer cake 24 cm in diameter and about 7 cm high, ie approx. 24 slices. It's also tasty on the second or third day, so don't throw away what's left!

How to clarify jelly meat broth

Jelly meat is a delicious and nutritious dish. The spices - horseradish, mustard, roots give it a special charm. But the cloudy broth does not add beauty to the jelly meat. It can be lightened, turned into transparent ice. When cooking, this procedure is called pulling.

broth. Before removing it, it is better to strain it through folded cheese cloth several times. This one

to remove foam, small bones and large grease stains. The first cleaning path has been completed. Additional procedure for gourmet esthetics.

of yolk. To clarify the broth, take only

protein. This product has the ability to bind the suspension in liquid. The result will be a broth as clear as water.

Prepare an absorbent. In a separate bowl, beat the protein until smooth and a thick foam is formed. If there are more than two liquids

, take two proteins - the broth will be cleaner.

Complicate the absorbent recipe for the best lighting effect. Add a tablespoon of crushed ice to the egg whites and beat until thick foam forms. The second version of a complicated absorbent: knead the absorbent from 100 grams of minced meat (twisted through a meat grinder at least three times), protein and three tablespoons of broth. Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes and use according to the standard recipe. Minced meat from the absorbent will further saturate the broth with nutrients.

Prepare the broth. It should not boil. Ideally, the broth is very hot.

Pour the absorbent into a saucepan with hot broth in a thin stream, stirring constantly. So that the absorbent spreads through the pan.

Put the broth on low heat and simmer. All this time he has to be agitated. Extinguish the fire five minutes after boiling.

Allow the broth to cool. During this time, the coagulated absorbent will settle to the bottom of the pan. Tension.

Remove the broth while boiling.

Boil the meat over low heat so that the broth does not boil in the pan. The stronger it boils, the more cloudy the broth will become. Boiled over low heat, it retains its maximum useful properties.

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How to paint eggs with onion peels & # 8211 naturally painted red Easter eggs?

When to paint red Easter eggs?

Because there are always Easter talks about the day eggs are painted, I invite you to be tolerant of each other and to paint them as we see fit. Some paint them on Good Thursday, others on Good Friday and, if we only have time on Saturday, we paint them on Saturday. The day when eggs are painted differs from one area to another, from one religion to another and all I ask is that we be decent and not impose our point of view, as we have shown in this article: About fasting.

When do eggs turn red?

The ascension of the Lord is also greeted with red eggs and traditional dishes. At the Ascension, it is the last day of the year when red eggs are painted, as at Easter, and consecrated at church. At the end of the service, the poor are given packages with dishes specific to the holiday: eggs, bread, pies, bread, green onions and brandy. (source)

Pork chop with beet jelly served in a festive way - Recipes

I saw this bread on a Russian site, I couldn't help but try it, especially since I make bread in the oven quite often.

-700 gr white flour
-0 tablespoons oil
-400 ml of water
-25 gr fresh yeast
-a pinch of salt
-a tablespoon of spinach
-a tablespoon of beet puree
-a tablespoon of capsicum paste.

I made a bread dough from: flour, water, oil and salt. I kneaded well and then I divided it into 4.

I left some of it as it was, white. I mixed one part with the spinach puree, one with the beet puree and the last one with the pepper paste. I want to tell you that when we mix the dough with spinach, beets and peppers, it will soften and become sticky, then we will add a little more flour, always kneading, until all the puree is incorporated into the piece of dough.

We put them with foil between them, in a basin and let them rise.

When the dough is risen, take each piece, twist it into a roll and weave them. I don't know how to weave in 4, that's why I put the white piece on the bottom of the tray and I put the braid in 3 on top.
I put everything in a pan greased with oil and lined with flour.

I let it grow again, covered with foil. When the tray was almost full, I put it in the preheated oven, over medium heat, for about 40 minutes.

After the baking time, forget what came out!

I can't wait to cut it to see what came out!
I tell you that I was very pleased with the result! It tasted more strong, it had spinach and peppers. The pasta I made this fall, of capsicum, was a bit spicy, so the bread had a slightly spicy taste. Beets did not feel!

Nuns' donuts & # 8211 recipe for Nonnenfürzle or hasty donuts

Nuts donuts & # 8211 recipe for Nonnenfürzle or hasty donuts. Quick recipe for donuts with a spoon, without yeast, prepared from scalded dough as for eclairs. These fluffy donuts have an irreverent and funny name: Nonnenfürzle or Nun & # 8217s farts. Fluffy donut recipes. Quick donut recipes.

How to start? I had heard of these donuts from a friend in Germany. I also tasted them and I really liked them. Then I found out their name: Nonnenfürzle "Nuns' kisses" or "Nuns' parties". Oops. I initially thought it was a somewhat unsuccessful joke, I said "yes, yes!" and I closed the subject. I then searched the internet and the top & # 8230 dish exists exactly under this name! In German Nonna it means nun, nun again Furze means Parthian (Fürzlein or Fürzchen are diminutives).

The recipe for Nonnenfürzle has been recorded since 1547 and is traditionally made by Fasching, ie during the Carnival period that precedes Lent. The English call them Nun & # 8217s farts or Now & # 8217s puffs, the Spaniards say wind donuts(This is probably where the Inquisition put its tail), the French grandmother's pet and the Hungarians apácafingocska. The Brothers Grimm also describe these Nonnenfürzle in their vocabulary. (source)

The donut recipe "Nuns' kisses" it's simple: scalded dough (pate a choux) fried in oil and powdered in abundance with powdered sugar with cinnamon. As in any good donut recipe, there is no lack of vanilla or lemon peel. There are some hasty donuts stuffed with crispy crust and half empty & # 8211 they have inner air chamber just like choux a la creme (see here).

From these quantities results approx. 20-25 pcs. from the donuts of the nuns or Nonnenfürzle.

Tips for tasty, fragrant and clear colds

What pieces are used for colds?

We only make pork colds. Choose less greasy pieces! The more fat in the colds, the more cloudy the aspic will be. You will also see how the fat will solidify on the surface of the meatball, forming a thick layer of lard that will have to be removed after cooling. Pork legs (sneakers, stumps) are very suitable for colds because they are not very greasy and contain a lot of gelatin in the cartilaginous and connective tissue of which they are made. The pork ear is also very tasty and with a fine texture. The pork duck is also ok if it is not very fatty. But the pig's cheek or forehead is too fat.

Honestly, we like colds with a lot of cartilage, but some people prefer to find pieces of lean meat in them. Pork or beef tongue it is very suitable for such a thing because it is a fine muscle that has a special, firm texture. Here you can see how the tongue is prepared and peeled. It must first be scalded separately, cleaned of the membrane and then added to the cooling soup.

Pork chop is also suitable as a supplement to colds. We use only raw ciolan, not smoked, because the latter will change the taste of the final dish (and the color!).

How and for how long do colds boil?

In classic cold recipes (eg Silvia Jurcovan) slow, long cooking is indicated. for 3-4 hours on very low heat. The mother makes colds in kukta (pressure cooker) and shortens the cooking time to 1.5 hours. Much more convenient! In addition, in the pressure cooker the liquid does not decrease: the more you put, the more you find at the end. Another advantage of the pressure cooker is that the stew should not be foamed because the protein precipitate formed by boiling sticks itself to the walls of the pot, leaving behind a clear and fine liquid (see also beef soup recipe).

How to season colds? When to put garlic?

From the beginning, the mother seasoned the colds with salt and peppercorns. In our house we don't put bay leaves for colds and we don't add vegetables either. Some housewives put a carrot, parsley, parsnip or onion root. It seems to me that everything tastes like soup, being diverted the classic taste & # 8211 exactly like the belly soup, which does not require vegetables & # 8211 recipe here.

Another useful tip (from my mother): put the garlic in 2 tranches & # 8211 one part at the beginning and another at the end, after the kukta opens. So did I.

How to get clear colds? How is the juice (aspic) strained and filtered?

Housewives generally have problems with cloudy cold juice. The disorder is caused by fat. There are several ways to clear this gelatinous soup.

  1. The first method of degreasing and clarification. After boiling, remove the pieces and debone and place in a bowl (box) with a lid. The remaining juice is left to cool completely and refrigerated for a few hours. You will see how it thickens and a thick layer of lard forms on top of it. If you had left the pieces of meat in the pot, they would have floated on its surface and would have confused you when collecting the lard. It is easily picked with a spoon. Put the pot of juice on low heat and bring to a boil. Reinsert the pieces of meat into it so that they heat up again. Prepare the bowls in which the meatballs will be mounted and distribute the hot meat in them. The juice is first strained through a normal sieve (to get rid of peppercorns and small floating fragments of garlic or meat, bones). The second filtration is through a sieve spread with gauze and medical wool. Yes, through cotton wool! This is also indicated by Silvia Jurcovan in her cookbook. You can replace cotton wool with a clean cloth but you will not get the same results! The juice obtained after this filtration is clear and can be poured over the pieces in the bowls.
  2. The second method is clarification with raw egg white. Separate (as above) the pieces of juice. Let the juice cool. Degrease it as above and then rinse it according to the technique established in professional kitchens: with raw egg white. The effect is miraculous! around the clarification procedure can be found here, explained step by step (do not put the grated carrot because it will color the juice yellow!).
  3. The third method is simpler and faster & # 8211 I used it in this recipe. Because I didn't have very greasy parts and not a lot of fat accumulated on the surface of the hot soup, I skipped the degreasing. Remove the pieces from the juice, debone them and distribute them in the serving bowls. Prepare a clean pot (for clear juice) and a bowl for fat. Filter the juice through a sieve lined with gauze and cotton wool (without degreasing it) placed on top of the clean pot. The juice is poured polish by polish, taking care to lift the sieve from the pot towards the end of each round so as not to let the fat pass into the filtered juice. Quickly move the sieve over the bowl and wait for the fat to drain (which always floats to the surface). We repeat the operation until we filter all the juice. We change the gauze and cotton wool every 3 rounds of filtration (one round of filtration includes about 2 polishes of juice, so after 6 polishes we change the gauze and cotton wool), because they will be stuffed with fat. The clear juice from the clean pot is carefully poured over the pieces in the bowls and the colds are left to cool. If, however, fat has escaped in them, it will solidify on the surface and can be picked up with a spoon.

If you follow these tips you will get the tastiest colds you have ever eaten!

Homemade drum traditional Transylvanian recipe

From the ingredients below you get 2 bowls of cooling, enough for 8-10 servings.