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Rabbit bait ... or pancakes with urda and jelly

Rabbit bait ... or pancakes with urda and jelly

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For pancakes, the quantities are indicative. I will not write the recipe, I think it is known by everyone. I had about 10 thin pancakes.

Urda is mixed with sugar, vanilla, vanilla sugar, egg, lemon. Then add whipped cream.

The syrup from the cherry compote is mixed with the starch, the fruits are added, it is put on the fire until it starts to thicken.

Place the pancakes in the form of a cake, put layers of urda and jelly. Sprinkle powdered sugar on top.

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  • 220 ml of milk (semi-skimmed)
  • seedless black olives
  • arugula
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 250 cans of ricotta cheese
  • 1 bag of frozen vegetable mixture for minestrone soup
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 200 ml of water
  • 200 g of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • salt and pepper

Method of preparation

For the pancakes, put the flour in a bowl and make a hole in the middle. Put eggs and a pinch of salt in it. Stir, then add the milk and water in a thin layer, stirring constantly, until you get a creamy paste. Let it sit for at least an hour, then bake the pancakes in a pan greased with butter.
Cook the vegetables in olive oil. Take the pan off the heat and add the ricotta cheese, a few sliced ​​olives, salt and pepper to taste.
Put a tablespoon of filling on each sheet of pancake and roll them. Place them on plates and decorate with arugula leaves.
If you want, you can au gratin them like cannelloni. Put the rolls in a tray lined with baking paper, pour over them tomato sauce or bechamel sauce, sprinkle Parmesan on top and bake for a few minutes, until the cheese melts.

Cheesecake (Cheesecake)

Camy, I've been answering this question lately. That means you recently discovered my blog :) I'm not married.

if you are not married I think you will receive some proposals in private =)) very strong blog, congratulations :)

Thanks, Ella. I don't know what kind of proposals you mean: D, but I confess that I also receive messages in private :))

Robert, but you're a murderer. if I was "heavy" :)), I would definitely lose.
I kept it in my recipe book, thank you, it looks great.

With pleasure, I hope you try it soon. Should I warn pregnant women at the beginning of the cheesecake recipe that it is not advisable to read it to the end? :)

The recipe is worth remembering. I wish you many interesting recipes below!

Thanks Olivia, I hope it's not the only recipe on the blog you want to remember)

Ellerinize, emeğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah kabartan bir görüntüsü var.

Thanks for cheesecake. I'm trying it this weekend to see if it works out for me.
Tell me, for 18 people I should make 2 cheesecakes, right?
I feel like biting from the last picture :))))

Ama, I think it should be enough. But if the other 17 people are as greedy as you, then I'm glad that 2 cheesecakes are insufficient :)))

Ha! Ha! very strong your answer! After you are a good cook, you are also nice! Do you have a defect too? :))

Alina, it's true that I'm full of flaws. And, unfortunately, I'm not even as good a cook as I seem. Yes, I'm nice :))

You have some great recipes! I also made the apple cake and the cookie sheet and it turned out delicious. I think I'll try this one too because it's very appetizing :).

I'm glad you like (but especially that you come out!) My recipes. I understand you like cookie cakes, maybe you should take a look at the bomb recipe from biscuit.

I made this one too :). It turned out super good. The slightly crispy top and the taste of sweet cheese with vanilla and lemon is indescribable. I put it a little too hot and the top was a little syrupy. But when it cooled down it was super good. It looks exactly like the one in your picture, only instead of strawberries they were apricots. Carmen.

Carmen, this is exactly the idea when I write the recipes: everything should come out the same as in my pictures. I understand you didn't have the patience at the end. :) I even specified in the recipe that the topping must be allowed to cool before putting it on the cheesecake. However, it did not influence the final result too much.

It looks great, you really made me want it, you know how to thank me.
Thanks and congratulations for the selection made.

Next summer I will come to your camp for 30 days! Do you know how many cheesecakes I made over the weekend? 1? Not ! 2? Not ! 3. I ate because I broke! There was more traffic in the kitchen than on DN1. At the second cake, people didn't even bother to put it on their plate, they ate directly from the plate. You MUST make a detox menu. a salad with water and air. something light. as at this rate. And when I think that the meal and fun season has opened for me. I keep it that way until New Year's Eve!

Hehe, well if you cook so much, then I won't let you go until the end of summer! : D So don't get too tired until then, close this fun season :))

Congratulations for the blog / site. As a recommendation for the future for all recipes: write down the degree of difficulty of making the preparation and possibly the time. I'm still growing!

Thank you, Catalin. I don't think I will write the degree of difficulty and the time of preparing the recipes because everything is relative. For example, a recipe that seems complicated to me is perceived as extremely simple by my mother. And the time can vary greatly, depending on the skill and experience of the cook. Or maybe the fun with which he does it: D - I noticed that even I sometimes prepare a simple omelet in 5 minutes and sometimes in 15 minutes. :) So I don't know how much I would help readers. Anyway, thank you for the suggestion. But you made me think now: how long did it take me to make this cheesecake? :)

In addition, I would be discouraged by a high degree of difficulty, so I don't know, I feel like it, from your descriptions it seems easy to whip him and maybe something will come out of me.

You should definitely make that mention: d

I made the cake. I had a very good cream cheese, neither too sweet nor too sweet, but the top was a little bitter. I used digestive biscuits from Gulon. I imagined the cake to be finer, more special, but it is not. I associated it with those with mascarpone. Overall it is tasty but not fine. :)

Alina, I don't know what those cookies are like, it's the first time I've heard of them, but they probably made the countertop a little bitter. I think that cheesecake can't be associated with mascarpone cakes, they are usually a kind of less consistent cream.

I make it with Philadelphia cream cheese and it turns out delicious, very fine.

I haven't tried it, so I can only take your word for it :) I've never given too much importance to the cheese used in cheesecake.

Wow, super looks !! I really like the cheesecake, and your presentation is sensational!

Paula, initially I thought of putting the topping more to look good in the images of the recipe, but then I realized that it contributes quite a lot to the taste of the cheesecake.

I tried the recipe. and it really came out :)) I am very excited about your site !! I will definitely try other recipes here !! Have a nice day everyone!

Alexandra, you don't seem to expect your cheesecake to come out, so I'm even more glad to hear that :) And I want you to be just as excited about the recipes found on my site.

Howdy. again on your blog. I have the cake in the oven. but the oven is not electric. so I hope I don't burn the cake. and after the first seconds there was a lot of smoke in the kitchen ... so I have to go check the tray. So - I laid 5 eggs, because I didn't read too carefully where the other 2 eggs are placed - what will happen? Si ptr. toping, I have no starch. what can i put. some semolina doesn't work? :)) or tapioca pearls - after I give them through the sugar grinder?
Daddy, long live your family. and if my spots don't remain satisfied. then I'll hire you for a week, because my son's birthday is coming and it wouldn't hurt a cake like McQueen's lightning or Blackie's horse.

Hi, the smoke is not a cause for concern, probably a little melted butter flowed around the joint of the cake form and burned in the oven.
I don't think your inattention caused much damage to the cheesecake, but the two yolks you didn't put on for sure influenced its color.
Starch can be replaced with flour, there is no point in complicating yourself with tapioca pearls :))
I don't really like to cook so much that I want to do this for a week, I'd rather come and see & quotCars & quot with the little one: D the result comes back - my biscuits burned a little - but no cause for concern. Worrying ptr. to me it was the fact that they were too crumbly & the cookie cutter & quot - to be able to shape it on the edges I dripped some more water!
I understand for what were the 2 yolks - so it was very ok and without.
I toasted it with tapioca powder and berries and the result was like a jelly. which looks insane, it will be showing ptr. for a few hours, as in the morning when I took it out of the fridge, it lost its vitality - didn't the topping be put on before serving the cake?

Overall = the delighted husband, the dwarf managed to remove the fruit gel and serve only his cheese. I am proud of the inventiveness of the & quotsos & quot. )

Do not imagine that I took tapioca especially for this, I usually have reserves in the house, my son being a fan of tapioca with milk. :)

He he, I was a little scared to hear about tapioca, I try to stay as far away from these exotic ingredients as possible. I would put the topping just before serving the cheesecake only if I wanted to impress someone: D Otherwise I wouldn't mind the fact that maybe the next day it doesn't look the same. Although the one I prepare (the one at the end of the cheesecake recipe) does not seem to change substantially over time.
I don't know what to say about the cookie sheet, the biscuits you used were probably more dehydrated than average: D But here I think you didn't panic - I would have melted a little more. butter, I wouldn't have been as good as you :)

brother, thanks for the recipe, I'll try. the biggest problem will be buying a form of cake with removable walls 24cm. give me suggestions where to find one and what material is good to be made of and at what price

No problem. The biggest problem is actually the easiest to solve :) You can find the form with detachable walls in all hypermarkets, at prices that vary somewhere between 20 and 90 lei. I have an unpretentious one, made of tin, on which I gave about 30 lei and it is more than honorable.

I found today but not 24, 26. I hope it's ok, wish me luck, on Tuesday I implement the recipe

The 26 is also ok, only you will come up with a more & quotpitic & quot cheesecake idea. I'm holding your fists on Tuesday!

I also thought about this phase and I did a calculation like V = π & # 1231012 & # 12311 ^ 2 * g1, V = π & # 1231013 & # 12311 ^ 2 * g2 that is
144 * g1 = 169 * g2 g1 / g2 = 169/144 which is about 1,173 so your cake is 17% higher than mine

:) I like that you didn't leave anything to chance. But I think you put a lot of people in the fog with this calculation :))) With so much meticulousness, the chances are that the cheesecake recipe will cause you any problems.

the recipe was a real success, however, being the shape of 26 I had to make small changes, on the counter I had to put a little more than 300g of biscuits and more butter about 180 grams. people liked how it turned out, besides most of them (including me) they preferred to serve it and with a little syrup in the plate, I had blackcurrants. in conclusion, thank you recipe is, I managed to make a good dessert, good looking and very nice smelling after I took it out of the oven

No matter what, I'm glad the cheesecake was worth the effort to buy the shape :)

. & quot & quot is great. I kept reading it when ... about halfway through his math, I started to helmet. that's a sign that the thing he wrote there is beyond me. It's 02:02 when I write this thing ... maybe even another would be the reason why I came to feel that I was giving up. : D

Hi, I tried some of the recipes posted by you and they all turned out great! but the cheesecake is wonderful! I'm glad I discovered this site.
keep it like this.

Hi, Tatiana! I'm glad you discovered my blog, I'm glad that all the recipes you've tried so far came out and I'm glad you gave me an idea: to make a top of my recipes :) I'm curious which is the most appreciated .

Hello! Today I also bought a tray with a detachable bottom like a long time ago. I long for this cake. I have it in the oven and I can't wait to take it out. but the tp doesn't seem to pass: D

Stay healthy, Lucia! I think that's how Einstein got on with relativity, waiting for a cheesecake to bake :)) Time passes hard until it bakes and then it seems to fly while you eat it: D I say it's worth all this waiting, now it remains for you to agree with me (after you taste it).

An explosion of tastes. you were very right. worth the wait. Thanks for recipe.

You have nothing to do, Lucia. I'm relieved you didn't contradict me: D

hey you, man, I want to do this wonder too but my tray has a diameter of 28. I'm waiting for instructions on the quantities I need to use. are novices). THX
ha, leave the fourth recipe.

How the hell can I turn baby steps into giant leaps if you don't help me? I'm still waiting for the quantities for tray 28. Thank you.
PS If I venture alone and it doesn't work out, I will be demoralized and I won't try again. This wonder looks really delicious and it would be a shame not to enjoy it, don't you think?

Elena, you shouldn't be upset with me if I don't answer you immediately - receiving about 200,000 visitors a month, I inevitably receive a lot of messages, not only on the blog, but also on email or Facebook.
I don't have to give you the quantities of the cheesecake for a 28 cm tray, here I think it's just about math: P I had a discussion on this topic above (mate and 26 vresus 28). Look here & gt. It's hard to give you the exact ingredients, for example how I multiply the two yolks. If I tell you that you will have to put 2.31 yolks in the cheesecake, you will really be measuring / weighing 0.31% of a yolk. : P
Not to complicate matters, I think it's best to make a dwarf cheesecake using the ingredients of my recipe (and putting on the counter about 33% extra, ie 400 g of biscuits and almost 200 g of butter).

Okay, now I feel guilty. I don't like the feeling.
PS I'll let you know what came out

Don't worry, you don't have to feel guilty. it's my pleasure to try to answer all your questions. I wrote you the previous message so that you don't feel somehow ignored, and now I have to write to you so that you don't feel guilty anymore :) I'm holding your fists with the cheesecake!

I had fun with my friends over the weekend. it came out great and in the eyes.

I'm glad that your cheesecake came out even without the exact quantities, I wouldn't want you to be demoralized and leave so many untried recipes.

Great, I made the recipe a few times and each time it was a success. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe with us!

You have no reason to, and I should thank you for subjecting me to the recipe of repeated tests and so, reading your conclusion, more readers will want to try it. Or I should thank you for trusting my culinary blog or my cheesecake recipe, although hundreds of such recipes are published on the internet. So I find reasons to thank you too, so we're even. :) I expect you to come back to the blog whenever you need a recipe or advice.

It looks great! :) I have to dare to do that with that vertical crust, until now I only put it at the bottom of the cake. Ever since I first made a cheesecake a few years ago, when I came to Canada, I came to the conclusion that even for that alone and it was still worth coming, that I didn't make it in the country. And because you try (Thank you!) To share with us so many wonderful recipes (I set my eyes on the pale ones now! :)), I think it's fair to share a secret here in the country (neighbor, yes ... 39 na.) Cheesecake. Wrap in aluminum foil the shape in which the cake is baked, so that water does not penetrate anywhere, and put it in the oven in a larger tray in which water was placed - the steam helps the cake not to dry excessively and not to crack. When it's ready, turn off the heat in the oven and leave the cake there for another half an hour, an hour, then take it out and put it in the fridge to reach the consistency we know.
Once again thank you very much for all the work with the blog, I'm going to make the pallets! :)

Thanks for the cheesecake tips! Since you say you like cheesecake so much, I guess you tested it thoroughly over the years :) I haven't had problems with excessive dryness, but you never know, so it's better to be preventative . It's a shame not to make the crust (or, as I said, the top) of the cheesecake on the entire surface of the tray, that crust seems to me to be the best part of the cake :) And it's not hard to make either.
I hope you were satisfied with how the blades made according to my recipe came out.

Cipică Cake on the Land of Sweets - part I

You know what it looks like The Land of Sweets? Imagine a huge confectionery, with thousands and thousands of cakes of all kinds that, however, do not sit in the window, but run, laugh, talk and dance. They have eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet, are sticky and smell nice.

Their land is ruled by Queen Savarina and King Ecler, and their daughter, Princess Tiramisu, is pampered by all. All three live in the palace of Burnt Sugar Cream and have as servants a lot of skillful cookies.

Not to mention that everything in the Land of Sweets has a sweet, fruity, sour or very little bitter taste, like marzipan bushes or almond paste boulders. Even the white clouds, big and fluffy, are made of cotton candy, and the lakes and ponds & # 8211 full of refreshing caramel juice, which pleases your tongue, if, of course, it makes you think to stick your tongue in the lake. Here the green jelly frogs swim aimlessly, quite slippery, and the biscuit fish don't do much. They're just a little crunchy.

Further on you can see the mountains of chocolate, covered with a lot of ice cream and sauces with various flavors: strawberry, raspberry or caramel. And in the forest of the Land of Sweets you can find any fresh fruit that comes to mind, what's more, it's crazy.

But now there is a great commotion in the kingdom. Someone steals from the sugar and cocoa supply, which means only one thing: the cakes lose their charm and energy.

This is how all the sweets were gathered in front of the palace of Burnt Sugar Cream to discuss the problem. King Ecler, Queen Savarina and even their daughter appeared before their subjects, being obviously worried.

Dear Olteanu once explained to me what kind of cheese should be used for the best pie recipe:

At least on the weekend, let's enjoy life as it used to be:

The first to have the courage to speak was the Diplomat Cake:

& # 8211 No sugar, my whipped cream is going crazy…

& # 8211 Yes, but without cocoa I can't even get out of the house of shame, girl and Negresa, a little pale in the face.

& # 8211 Without sugar we would be some fried coca dumplings, the fluffy and reddish donuts crowded in the cheeks.

& # 8211 Not to mention that, without cocoa, I would remain an ordinary milk rabbit, whispering and the chocolate bunny, who lacked an ear.

& # 8211 Who said milk? The milk is very good and without cocoa, said Mrs. Gris with milk, who was huddled on a bench with Mr. Rice with milk and Taita's grandfather with milk.

King Ecler thought it best to intervene:

& # 8211 Sugar and Cocoa are very important but I am sure we can survive without them.

& # 8211 Here? the queen frowned, whose red hat had fallen menacingly on one eye.

& # 8211 Or we can use, instead of sugar, honey, miorlai Baclavaua with pistachios.

& # 8211 In this case, our castle will be called Burnt Honey Cream? Princess Tiramisu rejoices.

& # 8211 But what can we replace cocoa with? clamped the biscuit salami, which was barely standing, as it began to melt.

& # 8211 We don't mind the lack of sugar, the natural juices are galvanizing.

& # 8211 Normally, you're just squeezed fruit, said the pretty lady, the huge pumpkin pie.

A stopper thrown at Mrs. Pumpkin Pie hit its target, and she let out a terrifying scream. But he doesn't let himself be outdone and, taking out of his coke pocket two cinnamon sticks, he started grafting it, it is not known why, the Cozonac with nuts.

-Have! Have! In order to defend himself, he throws raisins and candied fruit balls to the left and to the right.

& # 8211 General battle! cried the pancakes with jam, twisting dizzyingly and sprinkling those around with cherry jam. The donuts did not let themselves down and jumped with all their weight on the feet of King Ecler, who leaned on his back and fell on some thin croissants with jam. The poppies, like sumo wrestlers, tensed their muscles fiercely, and the lollipops dueled with sticks until they clung to each other. It was crazy! Everything had turned in a few minutes into a battlefield full of whipped cream, chocolate sauces, jams, jams, pieces of fruit, which dripped squeezed, mixed, on the faces of the battered sweets. Over all this noise, a small meringue-like voice was heard:

& # 8211 Or we could find the one who stole the sugar and cocoa

& # 8211 Here? They all stopped like a sign, wondering how they hadn't thought of such a thing. It was a great idea. In fact, it was a great idea!

& # 8211 There is only one small problem, he raised a finger from which something pink was leaking. Nobody knows how to look for a sugar and cocoa thief.

& # 8211 Well, looking for clues, it's very simple, smiles Princess Tiramisu, who is looking at cartoons with mysteries.

& # 8211 Yes, but how? muttered the Check, licking her belly just like a cat.

"With a magnifying glass," said the Apple Strudel, who was a little blind anyway.

& # 8211 Or we can call for help…

Silence settled in the Land of Sweets. Everyone was thinking of a detective they might know and, in everyone's minds, only one name appeared.

& # 8211 Cipica Prajiturica!

In a few minutes, a brave patrol leaves for the Land of the Eaters to ask for help from the famous chef, who also happens to be an amateur detective. The ones left at home were made with the hand full of hope by Princess Tiramisu, the Chocolate Bunny, Pufulet and the belly Papanas.

Dough for strudels

-350 g (more or less) white flour
-300 g sour cream
-an egg
- half a teaspoon of salt

-250 g margarine or butter
-100 g flour

In a bowl put the cream, egg and mix.

Over, we will put flour and salt. Stir until we get a fluffy dough.

We put it on the work table and knead it for a few minutes. We leave it aside and we will prepare the cream.

In a bowl put margarine or butter at room temperature and flour. Knead until well blended.

Then divide the cream into three.

On the work table we will spread the first dough, in a sheet, about 5 mm thick.

Over the sheet of dough, we will spread the first part of the margarine cream with flour.

We start to wrap the dough, bringing the side from the wall to the middle of the sheet.

Then we will put half of the sheet at the edge.

Now, the left side, we will fold it up to half of the dough.

And we will put the right side over the left one.

Then put the dough on a plate, cover with cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes. We will do this 3 times, only when we turn the second time, we will make the fold, the opposite of how we did the first time.

I hope you understood me! It's a dough, which unfolds into sheets, good for strudel, fruit pies or cheese.
We can make it from one day to the next, keeping it in the fridge.

When you are in a time crisis, go to KFC! Whether it's for lunch at work, on a break from school / college, on weekends with friends or family, run to KFC and get a delicious menu.

Friends from BUZZSTORE sent me a KFC voucher to test some new products from their menu. So I took advantage and took my husband out on the town. Anyway, we deserved to relax, I didn't feel like cooking, and at KFC you know that everything is finger lickin 'good :)

I tested the new burger, Holiday burger with 2 pieces of spicy / non-spicy chicken leg in a delicious burger, along with Cheddar cheese, Iceberg lettuce, pickles and sweet & sour sauce. It is a tasty burger, ideal with a portion of potatoes next to it.

The second novelty on the menu was Summer twister, really special. Fresh, holiday taste, two pieces of Crispy Strips with feta cheese, baby spinach, fresh vegetables and Garlic Lemon sauce, in a tasty stick.

The last tested, but not the last, was Crispy box, with 3 spicy and crunchy pieces of chicken, french fries and the indispensable Glenn sauce.

Of course, I couldn't help but drink a Krushers mocktail with flavored mango, and for dessert I served a slice of creamy cheesecake.

The summer news from KFC delighted our taste buds and we put them on the list of smart choices when it comes to eating in the city.

KFC will always bring you tasty products and news, so keep an eye on their facebook and instagram pages.

Also, don't forget the Buzzstore pages to find out about their campaigns and to be able to sign up to test everything new and trendy.

My experience with Buzzstore is excellent and I have participated in several of their campaigns over time, including the gourmet ostrich campaign, where I prepared delicious recipes with the tested products.

What and how do you tell your child about Coronavirus, but also what he tells you

The three children listened with their mouths open to the amazing story of the theft of sugar and cocoa from the Land of Sweets. Even Balonas tried to rummage through his mind to guess who could do this great thing, but he quickly gave up and began to gnaw on a slipper on which a little quince jam had fallen.

& # 8211 Sure, we help you, but how do we get there in the Land of Sweets? was Cipica's question.

"Well, we came by gingerbread train and went down to your refrigerator through the greedy Palnia, which is a kind of water slide, only syrup flows instead of water," Tiramisu said. But don't tell anyone, she added quickly. You know, it's a secret…

& # 8211 And how do we get to the greedy Palnia? Lala's lustful voice. Don't forget that I have a new dress and I don't have to stain it.

"We could sit in a saucepan and spin three times," Puff said. I know from my grandfather that this is how eaters can get into our world. Of course, no one arrived, because no eater ever thought to put his ass in a pan and turn three times.

"Let's do this," Pomelo shouted. I like the idea! He throws himself enthusiastically into the first pan that gets in his way and starts spinning madly.

& # 8211 Iuhuuuu! It's great! But what is happening? Why haven't we reached the Land of Sweets yet?

"Hey, maybe you should expect us, too," said Cipica, who had put a few things in a picnic basket that she could have used as a detective. First, the sweets and the ladies, he said politely, helping Tiramisu, Pufulet, the Chocolate Bunny, Papanas and Lala to climb. Balloon, aren't you coming? The puppy fits wretchedly into the rotating pan, but immediately finds a comfortable place on Pomelo's shoes.

There was an indescribable crowd in the pan, but suddenly something magical happened. The pan began to shake dizzyingly, it turned slightly, then faster and faster, until it formed in a whirlwind in the colors of the rainbow, which enveloped the children. They screamed with joy, swimming in bright colors so that, two minutes later, they could reach a kind of water slide in which they smelled very strongly of something warm and sweet.

Dear Olteanu once explained to me what kind of cheese should be used for the best pie recipe:

At least on the weekend, let's enjoy life as it used to be:

& # 8211 Greedy funnel, the children shouted, sliding through the delicious liquid. Iu-huuuu. Part, we're coming! The journey took only a few seconds, but our friends had time to sway, to push, to slide, to twist through the tastiest syrup that ever existed. And, normally, the happiest was Balonas, who had crossed the Palnia with his mouth open, so as not to lose a drop.

When they reached the end of the slide, the mouth of the funnel opened and the children, along with the sweets, fell on some fluffy clouds that smelled insanely of cotton candy. Well, they had arrived in the Land of Sweets!

& # 8211 I can't believe I'm flying on a cloud! said Lala lustfully. Could I eat it?

& # 8211 I say wait until we land first, a reprimand Cipica. In addition, we are now in the Land of Sweets. You can't go around and start eating the world…

& # 8211 Okay, okay, I promise I don't eat anyone, but I can't even lick a corner of the cloud?

& # 8211 Lala, calm down, said Pomelo, who was holding Papanas on his head. You and Balonas are horrible. You better take a mouthful of my delicious apple, which I took especially so as not to be tempted by other goodies.

& # 8211 No, thanks! Lala said a little offended. I think Balonas and I can refrain.

But Cipica and Pomelo no longer listened to her, for what they saw was wonderful. A green-green meadow, with colorful houses, roads full of popcorn and, right in front, a golden castle that was taller than any tree in their park.

& # 8211 I have never seen such a large portion of burnt sugar cream in my life, whispered Cipica, who immediately detected what this palace was made of.

From the group of sweets that had come out to meet them came King Ecler, who, bowing, said:

– Suntem incantati ca ati ajuns in lumea noastra, mare bucatar Cipica Prajiturica. Noi toti va vom ajuta sa-l prindeti pe hotul de zahar si cacao, asa ca nu ezita sa-mi ceri orice iti trece prin cap.

– O muratura, se poate? ridica un deget Lala pofticioasa, care avea pofta de ceva acru dupa ce se indopase pe ascuns cu un tufis de caramel.

Toata lumea incepu sa rada, iar Cipica incerca sa schimbe vorba.

– Nu trebuie sa mai pierdem nici o clipa. Ar fi bine sa luam urma hotului chiar acum. Duceti-ne la depozitul de zahar si cacao, ca sa incepem sa cautam indicii.

Citeste continuarea pe

In Taramul Mancaciosilor, adica in lumea oamenilor, traia Cipica Prajiturica. Acesta era, la prima vedere, un baietel obisnuit, care se ducea la scoala, juca fotbal cu baietii, mai facea vreo boacana prin casa ca sa-l certe si pe el putin mama si asa mai departe. Mai mult, si arata ca un baietel obisnuit: blond, cu ochi albastri, rozaliul in obraji si cu un zimbet smecheresc. Purta un fel de salopeta albastra si sapca rosie.

Cipica Prajiturica era indragit de toata lumea, caci in buzunarele lui gaseai la orice ora un baton de ciocolata, o acadea, un pachet de seminte sau o bombonica delicioasa, pe care le impartea bucuros cu toti copii. Cei mai buni prieteni ai lui erau o fetita cirliontata, cu ochi mirati, pe nume Lala Pofticioasa, si Pomelo, un baietel caruia ii placea sa faca sport si, de aceea, umbla tot timpul imbracat in trening. Ca sa nu mai spunem ca nu-i lipsea niciodata sacul in care tinea o minge de fotbal, o racheta de tenis, o pereche de role, o coarda de sarit, plus alte chestii destul de grele cu care se juca cit era ziua de lunga. Cipica avea si un catel, cam grasan si lenes, pe care il botezase, bineinteles, Balonas.

Draga Olteanu mi-a explicat cândva ce fel de brânză trebuie folosită pentru cea mai bună rețetă de plăcintă:

Măcar în weekend să ne bucurăm de viață ca pe vremuri:

In ziua aceea, prietenii stateau in bucataria lui Cipica gandindu-se la urmatorul experiment, caci gatitul era pasiunea secreta a celor trei prieteni si, mai ales, a lui Balonas. Bucataria era instalata in casuta din copac, iar Cipica o decorase in cel mai aiurit fel. Pe pereti erau tot felul de ustensile de bucatarie, oalele si cratitele erau atarnate de tavan, iar in sertare erau tot feluri de prafuri, dulceturi, mirodenii, unt, branza, ulei si alte ingrediente numai bune de pus in mancare. De pilda, daca bagai din greseala mana in sertarul pe care scria “Miere”, te trezeai cu un lichid auriu si licios pe degete si care nu se lua decat cu limba. Ceea ce nu era o problema pentru nimeni. Sertarul pe care scria “Branza” avea, totusi, un miros cam dubios, iar daca te rezemai de sertarul botezat “Ceapa” incepeau sa te usture ochii. Din cand in cand, din sertarul pe care era lipita eticheta “Oua”, ieseau pui galbeni de gaina, dar nimeni nu stia de ce. A, si ceva foarte important. In bucataria lui secreta, pe pervaz, Cipica avea cativa minipomi, din care putea culege la orice ora fructe proaspete – e adevarat – foarte, foarte mici.

In orice caz, Cipica stia sa combine toate aceste ingrediente pentru a face tot felul de mincaruri bizare dar delicioase. Era specialist, de exemplu, in Tocana de vitel cu coacaze rosii, Omleta cu lacuste prajite sau Prajitura de ciocolata cu varza murata. De obicei, lucrurile stateau cam asa. Cipica gatea, Lala Pofticioasa gusta, Pomelo stramba din nas si mai fura cate un mar din minimar, iar Balonas infuleca restul portiei, caci se pare ca lui ii placea tot ceea ce prepara Cipica.

– Astazi ce mancam, Cipica? intreba Lala pofticioasa, rasucind pe deget o suvita de par. Eu as avea pofta de ceva dulce, racoros. Dar sa nu aiba prea mult sirop, ca mi-a dat mama rochita cea noua si mi-a spus clar sa nu o murdaresc.

Cipica si Pomelo privira spre rochita rosie a Lalei, care era impodobita cu trei pete mari de suc de portocale, plus una de ciocolata si ceva ce semana a carioca verde.

– Pai, pilaful de ciuperci si frisca nu pateaza… sugera Cipica.

– Da, daca porti rochita alba, dar eu am rochita rosie, asa ca incearca ceva cu capsuni, rosii, pepene si gogosar.

– Incearca o zacusca de capsuni, striga Pomelo de sub chiuveta. Robinetul din care curgea lapte se stricase si Pomelo incerca sa-l repare zanganind niste suruburi pe acolo.

Lala pofticioasa isi lingea tacticos rochita, dar deodata se opri si isi fixa ochii sai mirati inspre frigider. Clipi de citeva ori, isi ciufuli bretonul, ba chiar isi trase un mic bobarnac pentru a fi sigura ca nu viseaza. Caci, dragi prieteni, de sub frigider iesisera niste omuleti care semanau foarte bine cu o prajitura, un iepuras de ciocolata, un pufulet si… un papanas?

– Cipica, mincarea ta a facut picioare si incearca sa evadeze, reusi sa ingaime ea.

– Poftim? Ce vrei sa spui? Cipica se uita uimit spre frigider si vazu, intr-adevar, niste prajituri care semanau foarte bine cu niste omuleti sau invers, nici el nu mai stia.

Pomelo dadu de trei ori cu capul de chiuveta inainte de a reusi sa iasa de sub aceasta si sa vada si el delicioasele creaturi. Acestea se gandira ca ar fi cazul sa spuna ceva, asa ca printesa Tiramisu sari drept pe mana lui Cipica si spuse cu o voce savuroasa:

– Am venit din Taramul dulciurilor cu o misiune importanta. Cineva ne fura zaharul si cacaoa si ne-am gandit ca tu ne-ai putea ajuta. Te rugam.

Cipica, care ramasese cu gura cascata, lua o spatula si, cu grija, o muta pe Tiramisu direct pe o farfurie de portelan.

– Uite, stai aici, sa nu te topesti, spuse el.

Pufulet, Iepurasul de ciocolata si Papanas sa catarara pe masa si se asezara si ei in farfurie, alaturi de Tiramisu. Nu de alta, dar Balonas incepuse sa se linga pe bot pofticios.

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Cititi prima parte din “Cipica Prajiturica in Taramul dulciurilor” AICI

Tu stii cum arata Tărâmul Dulciurilor? Imagineaza-ti o cofetarie uriasa, cu mii si mii de prajituri de toate felurile care, insa, nu stau pleostite in vitrina, ci alearga, rad, vorbesc si danseaza. Ele au ochi, urechi, gura, maini si picioare, sunt lipicioase si miros frumos.

Taramul lor este condus de regina Savarina si regele Ecler, iar fiica acestora, printesa Tiramisu, este rasfatata tuturor. Toti trei locuiesc in palatul din Crema de zahar ars si au drept servitori o multime de fursecuri indemanatice.

Nu mai vorbim ca totul in Taramul dulciurilor are un gust dulcisor, fructat, acrisor sau foarte putin amarui, ca tufisurile de martipan sau bolovanii din pasta de migdale. Pana si norii albi, mari si pufosi, sunt din vata de zahar, iar lacurile si iazurile – pline cu suc racoritor de caramel, care te pisca placut la limba, daca, bineinteles, iti da prin cap sa bagi limba in lac. Aici inoata fara rost broscutele de jeleu verde, destul de alunecoase, iar pestisorii-biscut nu prea fac nimic. Doar sunt un pic crocanti.

Mai departe se vad muntii de ciocolata, acoperiti cu multa inghetata si sosuri cu diverse arome: de capsuni, zmeura sau caramel. Iar in padurea din Taramul dulciurilor poti gasi orice fruct proaspat iti trece prin minte, ce mai, e o nebunie.

Acum insa este zarva mare in imparatie. Cineva fura din rezerva de zahar si cacao, ceea ce inseamna un singur lucru: prajiturile isi pierd farmecul si energia.

Asa se face ca toate dulciurile s-au strins in fata palatului din Crema de zahar ars pentru a discuta problema. Regele Ecler, regina Savarina si chiar fiica lor se aratara in fata supusilor, fiind vadit ingrijorati.

Draga Olteanu mi-a explicat cândva ce fel de brânză trebuie folosită pentru cea mai bună rețetă de plăcintă:

Măcar în weekend să ne bucurăm de viață ca pe vremuri:

Primul care avu curajul sa vorbeasca fu Tortul Diplomat:

– Fara zahar, frisca mea o ia razna…

– Da, dar fara cacao eu nici nu mai pot iesi din casa de rusine, tipa si Negresa, cam palida la fata.

– Fara zahar am fi niste gogoloaie de coca prajite, se inghesuira gogosile pufoase si rumene in obraji.

– Ca sa nu mai zicem ca, fara cacao, eu as ramane un banal iepuras… de lapte, susura si Iepurasul de ciocolata, caruia ii lipsea o urechiusa.

– Cine a zis lapte? Laptele e foarte bun si fara cacao, spuse doamna Gris cu lapte, care se inghesuia pe o bancuta alaturi de domnul Orez cu lapte si bunicul Taitei cu lapte.

Regele Ecler se gandi ca ar fi bine sa intervina:

– Zaharul si Cacaoa sunt foarte importante dar sunt sigur ca putem supravietui si fara ele.

– Poftim? se incrunta regina, a carei palarie rosie i se lasase amenintator pe un ochi.

– Ori putem folosi, in loc de zahar, miere, miorlai Baclavaua cu fistic.

– In acest caz, castelul nostru se va numi Crema de miere arsa? se bucura printesa Tiramisu.

– Dar cacaoa cu ce am putea sa o inlocuim? clampani Salamul de biscuiti care abia se mai tinea pe picioare, caci acestea incepura sa i se topeasca.

– Pe noi nu ne deranjeaza lipsa zaharului, galgaira sucurile naturale.

– Normal, nu sunteti decat niste fructe strorcite, spuse destul de tare, uriasa doamna Placinta de dovleac.

Un dop aruncat inspre doamna Placinta de dovleac isi atinse tinta si aceasta scoase un tipat infiorator. Dar nu se lasa mai prejos si, scotand din buzunarul de coca doua batonase de scortisoare incepu sa-l altoiasca, nu se stie de ce, pe Cozonacul cu nuci.

-Au! Au! Acesta, ca sa se apere, arunca in stanga si-n dreapta stafide si bilute din fructe confiate.

– Bataie generala! strigara clatitele cu dulceata, rasucindu-se vertiginos si stropindu-i pe cei din jur cu dulceata de visine. Gogosile nu se lasara mai prejos si sarira cu toata greutatea pe picioarele regelui Ecler, care se lasa pe spate si cazu peste niste cornulete subtirele cu gem. Papanasii, ca niste luptatori de sumo, isi incordara fiorosi muschii, iar acadelele se duelara cu betele pana se lipira una de alta. Era o nebunie! Totul se transformase in cateva minute intr-un camp de lupta plin de frisca, sosuri de ciocolata, gemuri, dulceturi, bucatele de fructe, care se prelingeau storcite, amestecate, pe fetele dulciurilor batause. Peste toata aceasta harmalaie, se auzi un glas micut, ca de bezea:

– Ori am putea sa-l gasim pe cel care a furat zaharul si cacaoa…

– Poftim? Toti se oprira ca la un semn, intrebandu-se cum nu se gandisera ei la asa ceva. Era o idee grozava. De fapt, era o idee minunata!

– Exista doar o mica problema, ridica un deget din care se scurgea ceva roz Salamul de biscuiti. Nimeni nu stie sa caute un hot de zahar si cacao.

– Pai, cautam indiciile, este foarte simplu, zambi printesa Tiramisu, care se uita la desene animate cu mistere.

– Da, dar cum? mormai Checul, lingandu-se pe burta exact ca o pisica.

– Cu o lupa, spuse Strudelul de mere, care oricum era cam chior.

– Sau putem sa chemam de cineva in ajutor…

Linistea se asternu in Taramul dulciurilor. Fiecare se gandea la un detectiv pe care l-ar putea cunoaste si, in mintea tuturor, aparu un singur nume.

– Cipica Prajiturica!

In cateva minute, o patrula de curajosi pleca spre Taramul Mancaciosilor pentru a-i cere ajutor vestitului bucatar, care se intampla sa fie si detectiv amator. Cei ramasi acasa le facura cu mana plini de speranta printesei Tiramisu, Iepurasului de ciocolata, lui Pufulet si burtosului Papanas.

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Momeala pentru Iepuras...sau clatite cu urda si jeleu - Rețete

Ingriediente pentru salata (2 portii)
-2 ardei kapia,copti
-2 cepe medii,coapte
-8 rosii chery
-o legatura de patrunjel proaspat
-sare,otet si ulei

Mod de lucru:
Dupa ce am copt ardeii si ceapa,lasam sa se raceasca ii curatam de coji si ii vom taia julien.Rosiile,le taiem in patru si patrunjelul,marunt.Intr-un bol punem ardeii,ceapa si rosiile.Amestecam usor.Facem o vinegreta din otet,sare si ulei si vom asezona salata.Lasam la o parte si vom face omleta.
Pentru omleta,am folosit
-3 oua
-un ardei iute,verde
-o jumatate de rosie,fara seminte
-o jumatate de ceapa

Mod de lucru.
Ardeiul,ceapa si rosia,le vom taia cat mai marunt.Le amestecam apoi pe toate si lasam la o parte.Intr-un bol spargem ouale,punem un strop de sare si batem bine cu o furculita.

Punem la incins o tigaie antiaderenta Dupa ce s-a incins,turnam un sfert din ouale batute,miscam tigaia,ca la clatite.Deasupra,presaram din amestecul de ceapa cu rosii si ardei.

Dupa ce s-a gatit omleta,o rulam usor,lasand o margine de 2-3 cm.

Acum,turnam inca un sfert din ouale batute,in continuarie,de la marginea,ramasa din omleta.

Flavor in dishes

Cu ocazia zilei onomastice a soțului meu, am pregătit acest tort delicios cu afine și muultă ciocolată. L-am servit alături de prieteni și a fost foarte apreciat.

Recent am descoperit acest blat umed și e cel mai bun blat umed pe care l-am pregătit până acum. Neapărat să-l încercați și voi și să vă convingeți cât e de delicios.

-pentru blat umed (23 cm):
133g ciocolată neagră (54,5% cacao)
80g cafea fierbinte
166g iaurt grecesc
133g ulei
3 eggs
200g flour
200g sugar
66g cacao extra black
5g baking powder
2g salt

-pentru crema de ciocolată:
400 g ciocolată cu min. 50% cacao
600 ml smântână naturală pentru frișcă cu min. 30% grăsime
250 g mascarpone

- pentru decor:
alune mărunțite

Method of preparation:
For the countertop:
Pui ciocolata în 80g cafea fierbinte și o lași să se topească amestecând ușor. Dacă nu se topește perfect se poate pune amestecul pe baie de aburi. Lași să se răcorească.

Aici găsiți mai multe poze din timpul pregătiri blatului. Același blat l-am pregătit recent pentru un tort delicios cu piersici.
Pui într-un castron ouăle, uleiul și iartul și amesteci cu un tel, apoi adaugi crema de ciocolată și omogenizezi. Ideal este ca toate ingredientele să fie la temperatura camerei.
Într-un alt vas pui făina, cacaoa, zahărul măcinat, sarea și praful de copt și omogenizezi amestecul, apoi îl cerni peste compoziția lichidă și omogenizezi ușor cu mișcări de jos în sus. Nu se amestecă decât până când amestecul este omogen.
Tapetezi cu hârtie de copt fundul unei tăvi și ungi cu unt marginile, apoi torni compoziția. Introduci tava în cuptorul preîncălzit la 160 de grade C, pentru 50-55 de minute, până când trece testul cu scobitoarea. Răstorni aluatul cu fața în jos pe un grătar și îl lași să se răcorească complet. După ce s-a răcit complet îl tai în 3 pe orizontală.

Înfierbânți 400ml smântână pentru frișcă, o dai deoparte și pui în ea ciocolata ruptă în bucățele mici (400g). O lași nemișcată 1-2 minute după care omogenizezi ganache-ul. Lași la răcorit și apoi îl dai la frigider pentru 4-6 ore.

Pui afinele cu zahărul într-un vas și lași să fiarbă 5-7 minute. Adaugi amidon în zeama lăsată de afine și omogenizezi compoziția și apoi lași să fiarbă la foc mic, amestecând permanent până când se îngroașă compoziția. Lași să se răcească.

Pui un blat pe un platou în interiorul unui inel reglabil de tort și întinzi jumătate din jeleul de afine.

Pui 1/3 din crema de ciocolată (cu ajutorul unui posh) și netezești crema cu o spatulă.

Înainte de a desface inelul reglabil de tort treci cu grijă de jur împrejur cu un cuțit, pentru a dezlipi marginile.

Dacă crema păstrată la rece s-a întărit, torni 100 ml smântână pentru frișcă peste cremă și o mixezi până când se omogenizează compoziția.

Întinzi un strat de cremă peste ultimul blat și ornezi tortul după imaginație, cu crema rămasă.
Poți să presari alune mărunțite sau fructe.

Video: Κονικλοτροφία (December 2022).